About Us..

Josettè Marìa LLC, is a hair and beauty brand that specializes in the needs, wants and love of women of all races and ethnicity. The brand provides hair extensions, beauty products, accessories, and tips to celebrate the unique beauty imprinted in every woman.


Believing in embracing, enhancing, and highlighting the beauty of a woman!

Josettè Marià LLC, manufactures and produces premium virgin hair extensions with high quality. The JM Hair extension is refined for any type of woman and her needs in styling. Our focus is versatility, flexibility, durability and quality in the products behind the brand introduced to the world. Josettè Marià LLC carefully selects the products and hair extensions sold to our customer in order to provide the absolute best customer experience. We strive to express how women can be beautiful, successful, empowered, and still support one another in the products that is sold behind Josettè Marià LLC.

Hair that is vibrant, alive, confident, purposeful, joyful, and vital.

Hair with a blessing 

Real hair for real results.

Real hair for the real you.

We strive for excellence we enjoy serving quality over quantity. We speak life into all our customers with confidence not only by wearing our products but just informing each individual that you are of royalty. Every woman deserves to be acknowledged!

Your Hair is The Crown You Never Take Off!! 

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